Chris Lindbo, at the end of 2006, started CDJ OPPORTUNITIES LLP, a real estate development and management company.  CDJ stands for C = Chris, D = Denise.  The company started with the idea that Chris would own 95% of the company and Wife Denise would have 5%.  Denise owns her own business Gourmet Chef, a retail kitchen store.  5 year old son Jayde who would potentially become the J in CDJ.

The first purchase, which was the original motivation to start CDJ Opportunities LLP, was a building on 3 acres of land for his Quality landscaping business to occupy.  The building was located on the 2 and 52 bypass in SE Minot.  Then we purchased another shop with a small house on it adjacent to the 3 acres.  The next purchase was a 3 acre piece of land on the corner of 20th avenue and 27th street se which tied all 3 properties together.

Quality Landscaping would occupy the 1st building and the 2nd building and house were already rented, and the corner lot was vacant.  We would divide the lots into 4 so we could build storage condos on the different lots.   The reason for this was to move the business away from our home because of the fast growth and the size that the landscaping business was becoming.

The Storage condo idea came from a local realtor named Duane Peterson.  Duane had successfully built some of these and sold them rather quickly.  So I used his idea and started my own building.  1st with 10 units in 2007, then added 8 onto that building in 2008 and 2009.  Then a 20 unit building in 2010.  Then a 16 unit building in 2011.

Our next purchase was an apartment building in Downtown Minot.  The old Woolworths building was purchased for an investment as well as to house landscaping workers with affordable housing in a high rent market.  We had childhood ties to this building because we used to shop there in the 70’s and 80’s when the Downtown area was the shopping district for several counties.  I actually used to get kicked out of this building by an older lady who worked up stairs in the Woolworths building.  I would ride the escalator up then take the stairs down and then back up again.  Kind of like a ride at the fair. This building is now called the Jayten building and we have converted 10 of the lower floor apartments into retail spaces.  1st the Mainstream Boutique.  2nd is Lu Lu Lane.  3rd is Yogifiu.

In 2011 we purchased the Central Avenue building on the corner of 1st street and Central Avenue west which in now named the Payde building.  This consists of retail on the main floor and apartments on the 2nd floor.

In 2012 we purchased approximately 11 acres on the corner of Highway 2 and Highway 52 SE Minot.  This property would be developed with 4 buildings consisting of warehouse condos. 

In 2012 we purchased the Fair building in Downtown on the corner of 2nd avenue and Main Street South.  This building has some childhood memories as well.  We enjoyed the restaurant which I believe it was upstairs with a balcony.

In 2013 we purchased the Kemper building on the corner of 1st avenue and Main Street South.

In 2015 we acquired 2 – 18 plex apartment buildings on 8th street NW by Minot State University.

In 2015 we acquired the wells Fargo building on the corner of 2nd avenue and Main Street South.

In conclusion, we are committed to improving the quality of buildings and the quality of life in the downtown Minot area.  We are also committed to reinvesting into the Minot community.